Press Release

December 15, 2019

Thinking: …What a beautiful day! The sun is shining, the breeze is softly blowing with a slightly overcast sky. 85 degrees and low humidity…. Perfect, simply perfect! Darren will be here any minute. I better get ready….

A couple of breaths later…

Darren! You’re here already, Wow! Time sure slips by when you’re having fun! How are you doing today? It’s so good to see you and just look at this day! Thank you for coming I’m so excited that you’re here.

Darren: “Thank you for having me aboard, and for letting us share your story. Yes, it is a beautiful day! Just look at this yacht! I bet there is a story behind this. What don’t we find a place to sit down and how about you share it with me?”

Chuck: “Absolutely let’s go to the rear deck lounge.”

We shake hands and walk toward the back of the boat leaving the gangplank behind, left. It’s not a short walk, not more than 15 or 20 paces but it’s pleasant the deck is clear and the boat is stable where it’s moored. I’m casually leading the way, and as I approach the corner, I look back over my right shoulder and smile broadly at Darren, gesturing for him to proceed around the edge of the corner a couple more steps. I stop, guiding him as I extend my right-hand, offering a seat on one of the luxurious waterproof sofas cushions here at the back of the yacht.

I did some research and learned he likes tea. I had some prepared and waiting on the small coffee table in front of the sofas. After Darren sits down, I recline and observe my guest as he takes in his current surroundings.

“Would you like some tea?” I ask.

“Most certainly!” he replies.

I stand up, reach forward and removing the lid from the ice container I grab the tongs sitting to the left side reach in and grab a couple of ice cubes and drop them into nearest the glass, reach again with the tongs back into the container, grab a couple more ice cubes and place them in the other glass. Setting the tongs back down on the tray I reach for the pitcher of tea. I carefully fill each Glass about 3/4 full, pick up one glass reach over and handed it to Darren. I reach forward to pick up my own glass and sit back down.

“Thank you,” Darren says.

I decide to start things off…

Darren, I have been a fan of yours for very long time, I think since roughly March of 2011, I have been a voracious reader of your magazines! Your articles, your guests, they have all contributed greatly along the path which led me here, to us here today. I still recall reading articles about successful people like Tony Robbins, Richard Brooks, Mark Yarnell, Jim Rohn, and so many others. I am so privileged that people like yourself had the vision such to create something that will benefit others even if you do not fully see the results of your own efforts. I am still a subscriber even today. The fact that you and I created this opportunity, and that you asked for the opportunity to interview me…I am greatly honored and deeply touched. In fact, look around! Your work, the work of other fine mentors, the work of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance, has led even you to the seat you sit in now.

“Chuck, thank you for having me here. This is really an amazing yacht. So tell me a little bit about this vessel. I mean, there must be an amazing story behind it. This huge boat is not something that comes to everyone in this world.”

“Why not?” I interject.

“Have you ever seen “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous?” Well this is one of those yachts that might appear on that TV show,” Darren continues….

Smiling mischievously, I acknowledge “yes.”

The thing is Darren, and I think this is why I’m so happy to talk to you, I believe anyone could achieve something just like this, or whatever they desire which fulfills their dreams when the get the correct training.

Darren: “So tell me a little bit about the boat, Chuck.”

This dream started for me way back in 1976. Of all things, I happened across a friend from high school while on a short vacation with my parents and younger brother. I was roughly 15 years old at the time. Anyway, as I’m sitting at the dock with my brother, sitting there with a fishing pole, I noticed this really large yacht pull up to the docks. My friend’s grandparents owned this huge yacht! Now when I say really large, I mean this thing was over 100 feet long. Before seeing this huge boat, the largest boat I had ever seen was just over 40 feet long. I wasn’t sure exactly how long it was at the time, but I later learned that it was over 110 feet long. The yacht was named the “Yellow Angel.” If you’ve heard the old saying “you can’t have a harvest before you plant the seeds,” those seeds were planted for me way back in 1976. Wow! It just occurred to me that those seeds were planted 39 years ago.

I stop talking, stand up and walk to the rear of the boat’s deck…reflecting for just a moment.

Darren asks: “So why this boat? What is the meaning behind it?

(Laughing lightly…) I love how you don’t waste any time! Working with professionals is what I truly enjoy. The boat is a representation to me and anyone who sees it that not only are your dreams something real but that they can be achieved. I named the boat “Dreams Achieved” as an inspiration to anyone that having a dream is of value, and that value can be transferred to others so long as you convert those dreams into goals, pursue those goals with all your heart, and at the same time objectively benefit everyone you can around you.

Please tell me more about the dreams achieved idea, Darren pursues.

Well, I think it’s sort of works like this. I think you’ll agree, every child has a dream, a “something” they would like to live for, a “something” that might even give their life for to achieve. But along the way, as a child grows up through their home life, participates in society, through their religious affiliations and organizations, basically through all of their life circumstances, for many children something happens along the way and their dreams get squashed. The child is told that their dreams are not real. But now and complimentary to this, our educational systems insists the children follow specific strategic plans…that if you go to school, get good grades, get into a good college and do well there, that you can go to work find a good job and spend the next 30, 40, maybe 50 years of your life–and here’s the catch–building someone else’s dreams!  This…, this plan passed down year after year, generation after generation…it’s the biggest lie known to man!  It absolutely assaults, and almost completely stifles the creative genius in every child!

Now I also played this game. I did what my parents told me to. I worked to have good grades. I try to learn how to work with people at various jobs. …Did I mention I owned my first business when I was only 11?  Anyways…, the entrepreneurial spirit, the light was lit inside me at age 11, to be my own boss some day.  Now the problem with “standardized” educational institutions in general is:  schools have no ability, and almost no capacity or concepts to teach from, no clear guidelines for how to properly encourage most people to be an entrepreneur.

Eight years of primary education, four years of high school, plus 5-1/2 years (…and 4 changes of Major), I finally graduated college; I finally hit the “big leagues.” I landed a “real job.”  I’m following the “plan” others before me have followed.

…Now don’t get me wrong, landing a job as a good thing. Unfortunately, once the entrepreneurial fire has been lit inside you, unless something catastrophic happens, that fire never ceases burning!

Let me share this with you:  After 25 years in Information Technology management, I reached a place in my life where I realized that the dreams of my childhood would never come to fruition so long as I continued to let someone else dictate how much I could earn, when I worked, when I didn’t work (as in vacation), which medical plan & doctors I could see, and so on.  Now of course this seems like simple enough of a plan; t’s the one size fits all plan I just mentioned. Yes.  It’s a plan.  In my mind, a bad plan!

Now let me back up for a moment and interject something which happened along the way to where we are today which I think is important for the story. Back on October 11, 2011, I had a near-to life-ending motorcycle accident. Let’s just say that it was bad enough that I had to spend 21 days in ICU…[;us a bit more before I escaped.

“Oh my!” Darren suddenly exclaims!

When you are immobilized, with 21 broken ribs, a broken collarbone, a collapsed lung, you get a lot of time to reflect where you have been versus where you would like to be. Now let me add something else: At the accident scene I died.

I am not someone who previously believed in near death experiences…right up until I had one!  Within that early time of pain and healing, it was then that my faith was reborn. I don’t know why I was allowed to live, but I was given the choice to stay or go and I chose to stay. In those eternal, unmeasurable moments immediately after impact, in my one-on-one time with God, as I like to think of it, the one thing that stood out to me most prominently was that I, we ALL have choices.

Now Darren, please bear with me on this. Everything I say is related to everything else I say even if it sounds like I am meandering during the conversation.

Okay, so now back to where we were before I deviated. I have been mentored, or been in the mentoring programs of several truly great and inspiring teachers. I knew after a very painful divorce in 2001 that I would need to do some rebuilding of me. I recalled from my college psychology courses that whenever a person struggles through traumatic experience, such as divorce, whether they intend to or not they will encounter the several stages of grief. Knowing this, I set a path to get through this situation as quickly as possible. My sons needed me and I couldn’t let them down under any circumstance.

At the first opportunity, I enrolled in a mentoring program led by Dr. Dennis Waitley. Tremendous program, but the old programming in me was still driving and the results I wanted we’re incomplete. Let me be clear, the incomplete results we’re due to my subconscious mind blocking my correct action.

I began reading and rereading some of the works of people such as Tony Robbins. Very inspiring, very motivational and uplifting! Again the subconscious mind,my “Subby” as the MKMMA affectionally calls it, it was blocking the door that allows me to reach my dreams. The worst part? I had no darned idea what was happening within me!

This is powerful stuff Darren: I’m so glad I get a chance to share this with your readers. By the way…, this will link more to the MasterKey Mastermind Alliance as I proceed. But for now, please hold onto those questions.

In August 2014, I embarked upon a more “spiritual” path but one which was entirely focused on Leadership, specifically:  Leadership Development.  To me, I thought this was going to be a home run.  I mean, after all, some of the biggest deficits I have ever experienced in the professional working environment are those of leadership. It did not matter which company I worked for, how big the company was, or how small, in every environment there were people in leadership positions, management positions, even executive positions who were wholly unqualified for the roles they held. Some of them were wonderful people, and please don’t misunderstand, they are but products of the colleges and universities they came from. You see, colleges and universities only teach certain principles, principles which they believe can be scientifically or statistically measured as valid. More importantly they teach other principles such as marketing, or management, or principles of accounting or finance, but what is not taught is the very human side of”Leadership”.

…So back to August 2014, I hit a home run with this other organization. I not only learned sound ethical and spiritually based leadership principles, more importantly I learned better and more effective ways to lead myself as I led others. I became the teacher and mentor I wanted to become.

As a side note, during one of the exercises at this training I uncovered a huge, no!, a tremendous, mental roadblock, something my “subby” had been holding onto for decades, something which prevented me from reaching my goals.  Now without elaborating greatly upon that concept, let’s just say that I have been holding onto this “bad programming”since I was 10 years old.  When my eyes were opened via the training exercise, and I could clearly see what was in the way, the doorways to success were practically blown off their hinges!

This is important. In order for you to reach the goals you set for yourself you must also know what stands in the way consciously and subconsciously, if anything can be done about it – meaning, is it real or unreal – BEFORE you can pursue those goals. What that means is, your goals will always be out there glaring back at you until you get your subconscious mind out of the way. This wonderful yacht, the homes that I own, the places I get to travel, all is a result of getting the Subby out-of-the-way.

“So what is this MasterKey Mastermind Alliance you mentioned?” asks Darren.

In 2014 I received an email from Mark J., someone I had learned of through another my mentors, “Big Al” he’s called. I don’t remember exactly when email came but I remember being curious about the opportunity to receive more training. Now this training was going to be specific, or so I thought, and more specific to my network marketing business.  Unfortunately, my old friend “subby” stepped right back in the way!  I drug my feet again, I stumbled long and I did not take action. Only now do I realize how much my old “me” cost me.

“So Chuck, how does this relate to this boat, and to your success?” Darren follows….

Well you see, Darren, that’s the magic of this Mastermind MasterKey Alliance. I learned a whole new set of behaviors, whole new set of disciplines, and a whole new set of strategies to be 100% in integrity 100% of the time. What that means is, through disciplines that we work through on a daily basis I was able to reprogram, or recondition the bad programming and conditioning within my subconscious mind such that I replaced it with new programming. In this case, the new programming had to do with success, I mean real success such that I’m not just the only one benefiting, but others also benefit, grow, achieve, and succeed as well.

…and it all started with these simple books I’d not read before. One of them I knew of, even seen way back in my early teenage years. I think my dad even had a copy. The other book, and the other work we did…simply amazing! Now I’m not going to give you those titles; I think everyone should be part of this learning. Let’s just say this about that: There is absolutely no reason on earth why young children aren’t being taught this information, these principles!

I’m a devourer of books. If I had any prior conscious awareness of the important, yet simple information held within these books, …just imagine how the whole world would be more enlightened, more successful, more transformed…for those who chose to take action and read this material.

“I form good habits…,” that’s a partial quote from one of the books. This is life-changing stuff, the really good stuff too!

This beautiful yacht is the culmination of the efforts put forth by myself and contributed into the lives of others.

You see…, helping other people achieve their goals, their dreams, their destinies…on the surface such goals only seem as something altruistic, something with an otherwise negative connotation (from philosophy). The reality is that such contributions would based on ethical and objective standards always return more to you than you give to others. I don’t know why, but before this course it took me forever to learn and except this concept is something valid. My good old subby simply couldn’t handle the idea of an exchange of one value for another value with a future value that was neither determined, nor quantified, nor guaranteed ever to appear. Sometimes when you find out you’ve been wrong about something it works to your advantage to learn a better way to think.

“Chuck? Don’t you have more than one business?” Darren inquires.

Absolutely Darren! I enjoy the fact that I am no longer bound my self-imposed limitations, limitations which held me back from achieving my ultimate potential. The thing is, anyone can do anything that they want so long as they make a decision to do it. I have a network marketing business – for which I truly love what we do including the people who manage that company…people who I can believe in and that they do the right things for the right reasons. I also have a consulting company where I teach and train and mentor people in leadership principals, and I also have an IT company which is broken into two primary businesses – for strategic reasons. Each of these companies in their own right over the last several years has seen logarithmic growth, meaning the growth is not simply linear, the growth is accelerating upward at a faster pace relative to the time it takes to reach that pace. We’re in a growth mode. In such a growth pattern, we are creating jobs we’re doing things that benefit companies greater than they previously have been experiencing. This is value for value…the most ethical form of business there is!

“Do you have any closing ideas, Chuck?”

Of course! Dream big, huge, then dream bigger! Be true to yourself, and look for ways to create value within and for others around you! And my favorite quotation of all: You have but one life. Rise up and live it!

With a quick smile… Would you like some more tea, Darren?  Dinner will be ready soon.  We have a great Chef aboard…