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Chuck is a very busy guy, a seasoned leader who can quickly dig in and get his hands dirty, and who somehow managed to find time to add one more thing: Master Key Master Mind Alliance!

He is the father of two of the most amazing sons a father could ever be blessed with, wonderful daughter-in-law, and grandfather of two.  He is richly blessed with the absolute best mom!  His dad, greatly missed, unfortunately departed this plane of existence to a much better place in 2014.

After 25 years in IT Service Delivery leadership, Chuck positioned himself (quite well) for semi-retirement.  Kicking it back, taking it ‘easy,’ and only working his MLM business, it simply wasn’t yet in the cards.  Now he leads an ethically-driven, IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) company which has twice recently expanded product lines (services) offered which make our clients money, while securely protecting their data, monitoring networks and infrastructure, and providing cost-effective solutions keeping the business in high demand.

Chuck actively pursues personal development, and has been mentored by some of the best coaches around.  In August 2014, he expanded his professional portfolio and became a Certified, Independent Leadership Speaker, Coach, Trainer, and Mentor through the superb training of the John Maxwell Team.

Chuck holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Houston, is a certified Martial Arts and Yoga Instructor, and Personal Trainer and Wealth Coach.  He loves reading, fishing, marksmanship, global travel, and intellectually-objective philosophical, political, and scientific discussions.  In March, he 2015 joined the Rotary Club of Cypress-Fairbanks to expand professional networks and contribute positively to local and global charities.

To your abundance, heath and happiness…



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