Week-23: Ahhh…Ka-ching! Money! …Yet So Much More!

Greetings fellow travellers.

Now before I dig in, I need to post my pre-posting advisory.   😉  …I sometimes meander while writing, trying to get to my point, and sometimes…………………..I drift a lot!

No worries.  In ‘keeping my promises’ to you, my future/current friends:  I do manage to reach a reasoned “conclusion.”

Second, what I consciously decided not to do this week was to quote Haanel (or Og Mandino) thereby giving you shortcuts to both “wisdom,” and some of the teaching curriculum.  For that, you simply need to take the plunge and get in the training!  Or you can keep wishing things will get better….

Wisdom, like respect, should be earned, not given.  Both are far too valuable to toss around lightly!  One does not earn the rank of Black Belt in any form of Martial Arts by training under a Yellow Belt!

If you recall, last week I brought up how very important the attaining of wisdom is for you and your life.  Perhaps I did not go “deep” enough, yet I respect that each individual must choose to embark upon their own unique journey, and I do you a HUGE disservice by merely handing you everything for easy consumption, when what I hand you may not be best for you.

How would I know what’s best?  How could I ever imagine to know what’s best for you?

Well as luck, fortune, or Divine intervention(s) would have it, I get to really enjoy Week-23’s topic.


Better still…Haanel deals with concise clarity our [Human] relationship to money, to wealth, to our inner truth, and to our Divine calling (my opinion, that last comment).  🙂

I put this earlier on Twitter, giving myself 4 minutes’ break from real work.  Enjoy.

My own opinions notwithstanding, 🙂 my [personal] challenge this week is, I could easily “lecture” far too many on the short-comings of their externally-imposed belief systems where those long-held beliefs concern money.  However, if you’re here reading this, and if your part of the (wonderful, amazing, inspiring) #MKMMA experience, you’ve either (1) already begun to wrestle to break free from those errant beliefs, or (2) [perhaps] you’ve overcome the false paradigms already and are venturing into real freedom!

With no apologies for the forthcoming observations, it is the “Economist” in me wishing some people invested in their education like they do (time, energy, money) in Facebook, Twitter, Tattoos, piercings, et al.

Have you ever thought about how much some of those works of art loosely cost?   I was, and remain astounded after learning how much is spent.  I estimate there’s tens-to-hundreds of millions of dollars spent each year.

Sure, there is a virtual “industry” surrounding such, and gainful employment is generally regarded a positive in my book; I’m only (soon) going to make a comparative statement – which you can do whatever you wish with.  😉

For example:  I know the son of a long-departed and former business associate who sports some truly beautiful artwork on his back; over $10,000 he spent!  …and yet he whines to his parents about always being broke!  WOW!

How interesting….

I looked up these (tattoo) costs yesterday (3/20/16) while chasing yet-another Rabbit down the hole…that’s 1 full year’s tuition at Purdue University, room & board included (in-state)!  Not opinion: fact.


Now for some of you…don’t get all wound up at me over my comments about tattoos and piercings.  If you recall I did specifically mention some are “beautiful.”  “Beauty,” however, IS in the eye of the beholder!  For me, I’ve seen, and remembered quite vividly from my childhood the Veterans I met who’d returned from WWII, the Korean Conflict, and the Vietnam War sporting ‘tats’ and how, as they aged…well, I’m highly confident those ‘tats’ looked far better 20, 30, 40+ years earlier.

Seeing the long-term results of short-term decisions, the budding “Objectivist” in me knew how to understand “reality.”  A is A.

So as this relates directly to money, to wealthif you recall, last week I let you view and think about this?  (More in the next section….)

min wage work ethic

No one beat me up too badly for that remark, however it is apropos for/in today’s world.

I read (3/18/16) that Carl Jr’s is replacing human “labor” with automated systems.  That company is catching all kinds of heck – and they shouldn’t!  Why?!?

Carl Jr’s (and Hardy’s) are NOT the first chains to install automated systems, period!  McDonald’s and others have been doing the same thing for months!  Why the specific targeting?  They’re also moving their headquarters to reduce the comparatively high tax burden the overall company faces if they remain where they are…and one politician currently seeking the Presidency thinks an 85% tax rate will help America!  Did I mention I’m an Economist…more than a few times in my many posts?

Someone please check his meds!

(I could write an entire book on this subject, but it’s not for this forum!)

But…but…but…what a great idea – the book!

In this evolving world of technology, writing a book is no more difficult (now) than speaking into a microphone…and many have already learned this…!

Think about that, friends.  I’ve just giving you a “freebie,” seeds to plant, so you too can someday have your “harvest!”  (If your book’s even modestly good, and with a handful of techniques taught in the #MKE, the/your “harvest” may be quite bountiful!)

Internally, if you’ve not guessed by now, I’ve been an entrepreneur first beginning @ age 11.  About age 15, that living, breathing, ethical philosophy was placed on hold by demands that I conform to the norms of society…and for decades!

The inner Lion had been caged!

How You See Yourself









You can’t chain down someone with big dreams…not unless you destroy the most objective “Philosophy of Life:”



When I recently listened to my (purchased, naturally) audio copy of Robert Hollis at another MLM event asking, “Is anybody pissed?”


Wake up call!  wake-up-call

There’s an old saying:  “The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth of the hole.”

Those few words, and the explanation which quickly filled behind it, were a reminder, a desperate grasping by my “inner truth” of who I am to find its way through the conscious everyday realities – norms, if you will – a reminder of the Life once lived where compensation (earnings) was directly linked to effort.

Creating Value for Value: Objective Reason in Motion!

By comparison, the “hourly wage” is the death-knell of every nation.  Unless you’re also an Economist, you couldn’t begin to objectively disagree.

Observer in Action:

Case in point:  You’re driving down the roadway and get stuck behind some slow moving city sanitation truck, some company’s maintenance vehicle, some plumber or carpenter’s truck….  One does not stay calmUnless they’re already late to a scheduled appointment, the majority of those drivers are barely going the posted, allowable maximum speed [limit].  Quite often in fact, they are stumbling along 5-10mph below those posted speeds.  …And why should they hurry?  After all, they’re getting paid the same for driving as they are for working!

The human minds seeks the path of least resistance, and in this example, the path of least effort!






Think I’m wrong?  Have you become, I mean really become “the Observer?”  What else have you missed while yakking on your cell phone, or texting while driving???  You do realize – I hope – you’re driving the equivalent of a 1-ton+ BOMB!

I’m sorry.  I’m not buying it; the President is not on the other end of your oh-so-important conversation!

(This is very personal to me, as I was nearly killed by someone who couldn’t get off the phone and pay attention to an oncoming motorcycle!)

Mark and Davene (our guides), Haanel, Wattles, Allen, Emerson, and so many other great thinkers were SPOT ON!

What was my affirming clue?

Honoring that smallest portion of my DMP, 30-minutes minimum of exercise everyday, I reached deep into my audio library, popped in the ear pieces, and loaded-up “As A Man Thinketh,” by James Allen.

Another light goes on!
Cover-As A Man Thinketh


OMGosh this stuff is good!

After a few day’s walking, I move on to: Cover-From Poverty To Power

Why isn’t this stuff thought in schools, I wondered.  (I know the answer, and if you do, or think you do, please feel free to comment.)

Now these works by James Allen are not actually part of the #MasterKeyExperience, but you really should give them a listen.  For me, they were quite inspiring, and helped put me back on track for some other business activities I needed to both complete and initiate.  These next few years are gong to be off the hook AWESOME!

You see, it’s quite easy when it comes right down to it, consider this:

  • Perhaps you’re already successful, but would like to take it to the next level….
  • Perhaps you’re not living the life of your dreams and are looking for that “one magical way” (or method, or magic formula – which doesn’t really exist!) to get you there….
  • Perhaps you’ve arrived at whatever your chosen destination is, but you’ve not found your personal inner Peace….

The answer?

It’s amazingly simple!

It’s right in front of you!

It begins with the #MasterKeyExperience !

#TheresNothingLikeIt !

I still have much work to accomplish, but doubt is a barely remembered word now!  (Breaking my earlier rule and giving a glimpse ahead to Haanel, 24:30)”  “[…] only those who are wise enough to understand, broad enough to weigh the evidence, firm enough to follow their own judgment, and strong enough to make the sacrifice exacted, may enter and partake.”)

For my fans, I must admit I’ve had some amazing FUN writing these last couple of posts.  Finding the “fun” in what one does changes EVERYTHING!






9 thoughts on “Week-23: Ahhh…Ka-ching! Money! …Yet So Much More!

  1. Chuck, talk about flight of thought! As far as why isn’t this thinking stuff taught in schools goes, how could anyone be controlled if they actually did their own thinking? Plus you have to know and appreciate it to even start to teach it. But the fact remains that as much as we might like to see the many achieve that which we know they can, most don’t really want to do so, and probably wouldn’t even if they knew thy could because….. as you point out, they aren’t willing to pay the price.


  2. I Agree Chuck, this awareness should be brought to light for all at a younger age, but then how would the masses be steered…what would become of all the greed and corruption…OH MY??? 🙂


    • Stephen: The ‘answer’ to your question is not nearly so difficult as it might seem. Greed and corruption would continue, and even new sources evolve. After all, people are by nature quite ‘creative!’ However, in this (much) more modern world we live in, the free exchange of information creates a ‘clearinghouse’ -like, or ‘filtering’ effect and consumers soon recognize and ‘network’ to steer themselves and those they care about clear of unethical and unscrupulous operators. 50, 100, 200+ years ago, such a lack of “mobility of information” not only fostered, but encouraged bad ‘operators.’ As the world modernizes and continues its growth technologically, the number of hiding places for such ‘snakes’ rapidly diminishes. 🙂

      Alternatively, “wealth,” and the person you have to become to achieve real “wealth,” that is an entirely ethical activity, benefitting others first before realizing [real] personal gain. #GiveMoreGetMore


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