Week-17: 7 x 14

Greetings fellow travelers!

There’s an old saying: An entrepreneur is someone who gives up an eight-hour per day job, and replaces it with a fourteen-hour day.  Never has this been more true than these past two weeks.

No sad sack sob stories, no excuses.  Work is work.  I love what I do, and I’m not afraid to say…I’m darned good at what I do.  …And, with the team the business assembled, we’re heading to #1

Point of fact, however, so very many thanks to Mark, Davene, our coaches and fellow travelers (students) too for what I’ve already learned, processed and implemented from the #MKE training, business is booming!

I will get caught up.  For those who understand this message, and to those who already know me: “I always keep my promises!”

#ThereIsNothingLikeIt !!!


No One is Excluded From Entrepreneurship

Week-16: …into Kindness

Getting fellow travelers!

The #MKE (training) has brought forth dozens of wholly unexpected benefits.

This focus on “kindness,” witnessing, giving, receiving, all required of my elevating my “game” to levels not before lived.  Sure, I’m a kind enough of a guy, or so I’m told, but this week’s training in the #MasterKeyExperience, it required of me a different focus than I’m used to.

Working from home, my frequency to encounter individuals and/or groups is quite diminished from others holding ordinary jobs.  Even my telephone interactions may drop to zero for an entire day or more.

This past Tuesday evening, I’m in the midst of roughly 200 wonderful, generous people, of whom, perhaps not more than 50 have I actually met.  Some I remembered who forgot me, and others I recalled their faces but no accompanying names.  (This is a constant ‘work in progress!’)

My (personal) focus for the evening, kindness.  In our training, one item stood out: We promise to ourselves “to give without expectation of reciprocity from the channels I enrich….”  Well, there a huge challenge with that:

  1. There’s simply so many people who already seem to understand this mindset that
  2. “kindness” has a boomerang effect.

This reflective nature of kindness is unavoidable!

Now you might say (or think) that some people seem entirely void of kindness, but perhaps their lack of expression is a kindness in that you’re not hearing vocally what they’re thinking.  In other words:

  1. You might well be better off not hearing their thoughts,
  2. They may suffer an internal timidity, some inner, subconscious blockage preventing them from replying, from uttering a similarly kind word or too…,
  3. They may have no emotion-based recognition of your giving of kindness, so it is your expectations placing a burden on them.  (Ouch! That one might hurt some folks, yes?)


Above I mentioned that among our ‘promises’ to ourselves in this wonderful #MKE training is to “give without expectation of reciprocity.”  I came to realize, there are some of us who’ve been raised with certain standards of attitude and behavior that this comes almost naturally.

Sort of…

(I think) we expect kindness in and from all our interpersonal transactions of each day because that’s what we’re bringing to each and every “table” when we engage with others.  the expectation arise from the giving we do to and for others – in whatever form that might manifest itself.  I think those who expect anything different, it’s because of what they themselves ‘bring to the table’ themselves.  No matter what excuse, what negative belief system, disillusioned mantras they repeat internally, those internal paradigm are externally manifested in their environments, and what the ‘bring’ is reflected back.

(BPB: “…I engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects.”

If you are an ethical person, this comes naturally to you!


To date, everything Haanel has taught has been precise, consistent, and ethical.  I have no expectation we’re suddenly going to be blind-sided.

Let me broaden this a bit more…

Everything the #MasterKeyExperience has been encouraging within us is ethically based.  Each module, each mode, every motif, all 100% consistent, objective, and spiritually enlightened!  (I can only imagine the life I would be leading had this been taught somewhere between 7th and 11th grade.


What I envision…!!!


Update, not bragging, but most pleased:

If you’re having trouble reaching, or worse yet, setting your goals, drop everything you’re doing and find a way to get in this #MasterKeyExperience course.  I’m serious like nobody’s business!

…As it relates to “kindness” this week, our focus this week, I negotiated a deal for one of my companies which will result in millions of dollars of new revenues, and potentially dozens upon dozens of new job opportunities.  (I’m an Economist.  Ethically, how could I not do this?!?)  …How did this opportunity come about?


…As it relates to my MLM business, new prospects approached me, right from my DMP, from what I intended my future to move forward into my present…and these are exactly the kinds of leaders I want on my team!  How?


…seeds planted months ago.  Remember the Law of sowing and reaping?  You can’t have the harvest before you plant the seeds!  😉


…my JMT business, I was approached and asked to speak before this really cool group, on Leadership…we’re working out the details and I will deliver this soon.  I was also offered an opportunity to present to some wonderful young leaders (soon) a course I have available for immediate delivery.  How?


Why am I writing all this?


I want for you what is working for me!  I want for you to become “whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!”



It works!


Week-15: Becoming the Observer

Greetings fellow travelers!

Last weeks adventures, loosely speaking, are at an end.  For some reason – which I would like to think is Microsoft showing me how much they monitor our activities, and then behind the scenes took action to my benefit – my laptop started working.  Most mysterious indeed!  (Yes, when your singed your EULA with Microsoft, you actually gave permission for Microsoft to monitory your [nearly] every computer-based action, in your best interest, as they imply!)

No one reads those ‘agreements,’ and they know it!

Don’t worry, you signed away your Rights when you joined FaceBook, and other internet venues as well…but I digress….  Hint:  Go look it up.

However, and I won’t dwell long on this, I did acquire another 5TB drive and make a 4th backup.  Yes, I said that correctly, a fourth backup!  My 3TB was, and now my 5TB is (re)formatted to exFAT, so guess what!  It works with both my Mac and My Windows machines.

For those unaware, your Macs won’t play nicely with Windows NTFS files systems and can’t write to drives formatted that way…without some additional, and time-consuming efforts.

Thanks to all who read and commented on last week’s … um … adventures.  🙂


I think I could have been a writer, perhaps in a former life. 😉

I seem to meander everywhere, yet somehow tie it all up in a nice little story, come the end….  😉

Back on point…

Monday I got called away on a business priority and had to miss the #DigitalConnections training (I needed to attend).  Missing anything to do with #MKE doesn’t sit well with me because I do learn, and much is quite unknown to me.  (See Week-13 for more on this idea.)  2nd, trying to reorganize my time to find another opportunity is challenging, to put it mildly!!!

In any event, after making delivery on an important component for a sale made for one of my businesses, I was faced with a grueling drive home…plagued by an abundance of drivers with temperaments and behavoirs bordering on rabid.

Yeah, I know! Opinions again!  Ugh!  (Didn’t I mention already this is the toughest portion of the training for me?)

Anyhow, after 90 minutes of which I traversed only 12 miles, I decided, being hungry, I would stop in a local dining establishment.

I don’t have permission to use the restaurant’s name, so pick your own fav.

…I like to sit at the Bar to eat, if the establishment is so licensed.  I get the chance to meet people, prospect a bit more for my businesses – which one depending on how the conversation goes – and just enjoy the experience of meeting new people.

Monday evening was different….

….Now having spent some of my formative years in the Midwest, roughly 13, I think (& having surrendered my former and awesome Texas accent along the journey…), the regional accent of the gentleman three seats right…let’s just say “Subby” stepped right up and rekindled his old judgmental ways….

…I need to quit my “opinions” right here…this time.

Or not…

In the Midwest, we develop what’s commonly referred to as a “broadcaster’s voice.”  Every single word is enunciated with elegant precision, perfectly, and with such simplicity most anyone in the world doesn’t have to struggle to understand you.

Have you ever paid attention to the fact that most Television News personalities are from the Midwest, or were until recently?  

Have you also noticed that late-night comedians also tend to be from that region?  

Jonny Carson led the way on this front.

Have you honestly paid attention to this otherwise trivial item?

Have you ever been the “Observer?”

Moving along…

This guy was typical of so many I’ve dealt with over the years from that part of the US.  “Subtle” is  not in his vocabulary!

& his accent was driving me bonkers!  

Whats worse, he was doing his dead-level best to pick up a young lady 10, perhaps 15, perhaps even 20 years his junior.  (This too was funny as all heck!  …Eventually.)

The guy talked her into a “cordial,” and she accepted.  Gran Marnier.

A light went off in my mind; this could get interesting….

I changed “how” I was seeing “what” I was seeing, if at first only slightly….

Next, although she had already paid for her dinner and beers, this guy managed to talk her into yet another beer.  No matter how many times she said “no” his persistence was uncanny!

She let him buy her another beer.  (He did ‘manage’ the conversation – and her – with his wit and plethora of bad jokes, but she seemed to enjoy them all the same.)

He would say things like:  “I’m the safest guy you’ll ever meet,” and more which were not anywhere close to PG-rated.

I began to marvel, not only at his persistence, but his successes!

Now, I honestly have no clue the end results of his efforts, nor do I ultimately care, but the transformation within me…, I went from judging his accent to admiring his persistence.

Note:  I find it difficult at this moment to reference any specific materials/writings from the training, because I’m still working to distinguish between the ethical work we’re doing in #MKE, vs. what I witnessed Monday evening.  I hope my fellow travelers and critics understand.

Back to the personal transformation, I went from being judgmental to admiring him and his persistence.

I went from wanting to interfere and show my attitude in defense of the young lady to becoming the Observer, to putting “subby” on hold and learning from the experience.

…If you could have seen my smile as I exited to return home, with the two of them still chatting behind me…, my sheepish smile would’ve been infectious!

All the wonderful #MKE work so far has reached another turning point, subtle, yet powerful!  the work is sinking in, getting past my (conscious and subconscious) guardians, and taking hold.  Persistent, stubborn old “subby” is no longer winning!  This, I can say with confidence!

I can’t wait to move forward with the rest of the #MKE training!

#ThereIsNothingLikeIt !!!