Week-10: The ‘price’ of change

Every change, whether decided, or forced upon us, requires ‘payment’ of some price.  This past week found the rule inviolate!

Adopting to new disciplines, in addition to adapting to those changes…, time becomes the biggest enemy.

Changes to work requirement has led to severe losses to what was understood to have been “available” time.  Being self-employed, no work, no eat – as the old saying goes.  Each of the four enterprises I manage requires certain inputs, certain minimums of effort…or they can’t grow.  Businesses aren’t too similar to grass, bushes, trees, etc., unless you equate growth to the fertility of the “soil” whatever you’ve planted each in to.

“Fertility” is only one component, “environment” plays an important role.  This week has been a period for re-assessment of the productiveness of that ‘environment,’ ergo it’s high-time for “change.”

As mentioned in Week-10, integrity ranks near the top measuring my personal standards I choose to uphold.  There was no “writer’s block” this week, but a profound need to focus on those items in the present circumstance needing attention.

…Next week will be far better.  I will be cause in the matter of those successes.

I can be what I will to be…




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