Week-13: Valuable friends…

Greetings fellow travelers!

Well, yesterday was an amazing day, one filled with incredible inputs.

Sorry the nerd in me broke through and smiled at you all!  (wink!)

You see, the human specimen, in our current genetic iteration, has an infinite capacity for learning, for growth, and more importantly as Haanel teaches, the ability to process seemingly random sources of data or knowledge into coherent patterns occasionally resulting in truths.  From this wisdom is born.  …Inductive reasoning.

In this #MKE  journey, we are presented with all sorts of conscious and unconscious dilemmas.  Affectionately called the “Subby,” or the subconscious mind, this innately human experience possesses the duality for both positive and negative events simultaneously without regard to anything consciously processed.

One of the problems is, we simply don’t know what we don’t know. There’re things we know.  There’re some things we think we know but don’t.  They’re some things we are absolutely sure we know but don’t actually have a clue. …And then there’s those realms of things that we don’t know that we don’t even know we don’t know.  As someone once said:  “If all that you know that you know that you know is not true, when would you want to know??

One more time!

“If all that you know that you know that you know is not true…, when would you want to know?”

Let that sink in for a minute!

Case in point:  For all of my years working in information technology (IT), one thing I have absolutely stayed away from is Twitter.  This #MKE course has given me some new insights into the business possibilities which other people or are already realizing.

Oh well, better late than never.  (facepalm!)

Fortunately for me, I also have some really, really great friends who are quite well-versed in platforms such as Twitter.

For me during this training, unexpectedly and to my new-found disappointment, I had hit a roadblock with the Twitter training.  It is not that I am technically unable to understand, more so that I was unable to process and correlate how one set of technologies could relate to the monetization of the processes and techniques we are learning…and then somehow tying this all back into the #MasterKeyExperience (training & goals).  Secondly, many I’ve noticed over the past few years are using Twitter in an unprofessional manner and are posting some stuff  which, in my mind, are better left to more private company.  Pardon the pun.

Wednesday, yesterday as I compile this to completion, I spent some time with one of those great friends I have who not only helped open my eyes regarding the effectiveness of Twitter, he also helped explain how Twitter actually surpasses Facebook for business applications. He even went so far as to take me on a tour of certain facilities to observe, firsthand, how an entire team of people was using TweetDeck to monitor both the positive and negative interactions of people on Twitter as the Tweets relate to this business.

Quite an eye-opener!

While we were there, one of the team members was gracious enough to share how the use of Twitter had enabled this company to more quickly respond to customer requests and customer complaints thereby increasing or improving the businesses footprint amongst both its professional clients and target audiences.

Impressive stuff!

Now how does all this relate back to the course?  You see, we are working across several simultaneous levels (layers, perhaps) in order to achieve the results I/we intend.  I consider myself something akin to a “learning engine,” with a never-ending supply of fuel; I never run out…, so for me, it follows from Og’s words:  “I persist until I succeed.”

Or as Jim Rohn was famously quoted saying:  “I will do it until….”

Or using this new discipline as Winston Churchill would have stated it:  “Never.  Never. Never!  I say NEVER GIVE UP!”

Learning is “do it until,”  UNTIL you do learn it process.  You must keep at it.  You must stay atop it.  Barring any hindering physical circumstances, a child learns to walk via outright persistence!  They do it until!

Has your inner child left you?  You sure?

So wrapping this all up nicely, “If I persist, if I continue to try, if I continue to charge forward, I will succeed.” (Og Mandino, Scroll Marked III)

By now you’re thinking “enough already!  I get it!”

I didn’t…

…at first.

“Persistence” show up for me in the never-ending pursuit of truth.  The pre-requisite steps to truth are learning (including the effort to learn, the “do it until”) followed by assimilation, followed by validation.  (Haanel, 11:1-2)  In this case, this past training, the “truth” was not getting through  my inductive filtering process; I was not seen what was being shared.


In walks the best part of the old programming…and off to the races I go (in search of a solution to this problem).  I do it until.  I persist.  I succeed.  (Og)

I am richly blessed to have inherited(?) two key attitudes:

  • I can’t stand not knowing/understanding something, and I do it until.  I persist.
  • I know with certainty, someone, somewhere, in all this vast wide world, in all the rich history of knowledge, that somewhere is the answer; it only needs to be uncovered, unearthed.

I the past, I’ve talked about “language” and it’s meaning.

We live in a world of language!  

Notice above I stated “uncovered” and “unearthed.”  This is a recent paradigm shift for me, beginning several months ago, a return to using language properly as intended.  That “shift” resurfaced with someone saying “there’s nothing new under the sun!”

That’s garbage, I thought.  Of course there’s plenty of new stuff!  What are you smoking?!?

But I kept listening…

They went on to describe now Albert Einstein – listen up now! – that he did not invent the Theory of Relativity, he merely discovered it.

Words are very important, yes?

The Secrets of the Universe are already locked within each of us, we have merely to find them, …to sit quietly, to gain clarity within that quietude, and use, fully use(!) the faculties given you, me, us, and than to get in touch with our Source:  God Consciousness, as Haanel invites students to aspire to in 13:27.

…I leave you with this observation from Vietnamese (Tao) master, Thich Nhat Hahn:

“If you cannot make child happy, how do you expect to be able to make anyone else happy?  If all your friends in the peace movement or of service communities of any kind do not love and help one another, whom can we love and help?  Are we working for the other humans, or are we just working for the name of an organization?”

What an amazing journey!  #ThereIsNothingLikeIt #MKE



Week-12: #MKE “WLB”



HA!  Yeah right!  This term is as alien to me as anything I can imagine.  For me, that’s just an excuse to be/become unproductive, a justification for personal laziness.

No, don’t expect me to pull my punches.  I succeed BECAUSE I push myself to be, to do my very best…even if it’s only taking a moment to meditate and co-process the next set of results I intend to manifest!

Ok.  That’s off my chest.  Perhaps…. We’ll see….

I’m going to be cause in the matter of celebration, my choice!  (Law of Substitution)

The ‘old me’ which constantly resurfaces, like a giant python coming up for a quick glance looking for prey and a gulp of fresh air…is highly negative.  The ‘new me,’ the one this #MKE experience is guiding me through, well that’s why I chose the word “celebration” above.

I am in celebration of:

  • new-found professional success
  • a better, more positive ‘language’
  • enriched friendships and relationships
  • working only 15 hours daily instead of 16, 7 days each week

Some of you might laugh at that last statement, but it’s there for a reason, like everything else I write.  I heard just the other day clever, funny definition:  “An entrepreneur is someone who quits working an 8-hour day so they can work 16 each day.”

Boy, oh boy, is that ever the truth!

But remember…, successful people do (today) what others won’t so they can do later what others can’t!

I too once bought into that 40-40-40 plan, and it’s a joke.  It’s the biggest lie on the planet!

Hm…not sure what the “40-40-40 Plan” is?  Simply put, and much left out…work 40 hours per week, for 40 years, and then trying, I mean desperately trying to live on 40% of what you were making before retirement!

It’s a plan, but a bad plan!

No way Jose’!  That’s not for me!


Wait a darned minute!          Shifting gears quite a bit…and No!  I’m not apologizing, it’s a have-to thing.  😉

Just how the heck am I supposed to continue this “opinion piece” since we’re to become the observer, and not issue “opinions?”  After all, being simply an “Observer” without using the full facilities of mind to make decisions and form “judgements” is like turning off a major portion of your creative intelligence.

In order for me to be in celebration of something, I must form judgements regarding the realities of the situations and circumstances in play.  “Opinions” are merely “judgements” expressed more openly for a receiving audience.

…Inner battle with “Subby” in full swing.  🙂

I’m going to have to move to conclusion without proper elucidation of points.  The thoughts originally intended, the conclusions drawn from did not sync to good, wisdom-related intentions.  To “be” the “guide” I also intend to be, I’m going to re-process and re-align before spilling out difficult-to-understand concepts I get, but others may not get so easily.


For the “Cliff’s Notes” version of this post, I can only express that through this work, wishful thinking has migrated into intention-driven successes.  The language I used to use to describe events, it’s like a major overhaul to my car’s engine!

There is a definite correlation between completing the exercises – with full integrity – linked to the multiple learning strategies which actually do work together, and in harmony to each other strategy, and then to, or upon the internal changes to internal beliefs (internal paradigms, explained in a previous posting).

I still resist change but I notice the resistance differently, and plan for a different response.

I persist and I win!  Others win too!

That’s real winning!!!

Business is booming.  I’m more organized.  I’m more through and respectful in my communications, and I am improving processes and patterns long in want for effective, objective, lasting change….

#MKE #ThereIsNothingLikeIt

Week-11: Beliefs, Paradigms & Success

Saturday, 10:55am.

Perhaps I should call this “failing forward.”  Although, yes, I understand the importance of language in how the inner, or subconscious mind works, I’m highly confident the subconscious (“Subby”) can be programmed for recognition and action (and reaction) – or predetermined inaction-  not only based upon the words chosen, but higher concepts as well.

Well, another interesting week of me working towards some as yet indeterminate level of personal mastery of the Master Key System.  Sorry friends, no time for pics…

Technically speaking, this is late, but not to me!  You see,

  1. …unlike so many others I’ve witnessed in nearly 35 years of “employment,” including over 25 in “leadership’ roles, I actually do work when I’m supposed to work.  I don’t pay my personal bills, I don’t meander among hundreds-to-thousands of time & income-draining websites, chat it up with friends on the phone, read the newspaper, and do brain-drains like Facebook…and that is only in direct response to requests.  I work.  As such, I made a conscious decision to work on that current set of processes which have both measurable and determined results.  The #MKMMA training?  That’s an investment, a new investment in a different and better future.  In my business role (I chose) I must execute flawlessly and with complete integrity.  My teams’ livelihoods are at stake, and I take that responsibility very seriously!
  2. Because I am 99.999995% focused on work, great results, that “Oh he just so lucky” that others think or say sitting in jealousy (or envy):  I create my own “luck!”  Beign single, I have the luxury of working on my vacations too!  (Extra credit if you know the ethical difference between jealousy and envy.)  Wink!

So for #2, allow me a moment to celebrate some of those small victories, that “luck” others haven’t decided important enough to personally create and pursue….

Word has reached me that one of my business ventures is going to close a new deal, soon.  That deal scheduled to close on Jan 1st.  It will triple revenues.  In simpler terms, 2 grows to 6.  …But it gets better!  More clients are in the pipeline and as I (try again) to write this – 11:32am Saturday morning – another opportunity was sent to me. At the current pace, 6 will become 12 by March 1st.

So how does this relate to the #MKMMAExperience?  For those of us in the program, we know what we’re doing and how we’re aggressively, and with intention, altering the internal patterns (memes) so that we achieve the abundant success we have decided has meaning for each of us. “Money isn’t everything, but it ranks right up there with breathing!”  –Zig Ziglar

These (memes) become both cognitive, and kinesthetic paradigm shifts, and they work together beautifully!!!  Paradigms are patterns or models deeply placed in our subconscious minds for a variety of reasons.  These internal beliefs, or memes, have gotten past our “gate-keeper,” our conscious mind, and one beyond the gate reside there indefinitely – or until replaced.

BIG HINT to what we’re doing, and what you also can do!

In this work, I set some very aggressive goals.  At the minimum I figured, Heck!  If this stuff works, I’m far better off than before I started.  If not, I will have to analyze whether the problem is systemic, or personal.  (Take my word for it.  It’s personal!)

The “work’ is paying off, like I never honestly believed it would!

Success is like a muscle you see, and if you don’t use it, it atrophies, weakens, and in another sense, it slowly dies.  The “muscle” is a combination of acquiring the most proper skills, and then putting them into practice. The muscles could also be called “habit.”

Practice means: “I will persist until I succeed.”  –Og Mandino, “Scroll Marked III,” The Greatest Salesman in the World.

Could it be any simpler?  Really?

Let me put it another way:  You can make excuses or money, but not both!  How many excuses did you – myself included – hide behind?  How many times was the effort avoided.  How much did you let these (success) muscles atrophy?


So here I am dragging you (again) in circles; you made it this far didn’t you!  (wink!)  My former ‘followers’ will quickly catch my drift, know why I just said what I did….  For newcomers, I drift, circle, wade through certain ideas and concepts, circle back, wade to deeper water, then ride my inflatable raft back to the beautiful, white sandy beaches….

Amidst all my professional activity, I again struggled with the inspirational topic to cause my mind and fingers to begin dancing together on the keyboard.  So for me, “failing forward” meant a conscious decision to cut short the minimal successes of my “mental diet” and seek external inspiration.

Lucky me!

…It just so happened, “The Theory of Everything” was ending on one of the network channels.  I had seen it before, in fact, only recently.


Mentally, the fireworks went off!

Pure brilliance!

Ideas flooded through me and I knew I had what I sought.

In my mind popped images of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and a whole host of other personalities who have been successes in their own lives, all to varying degrees.  Without let up, audio programs I’ve listened to, and one in particular from Mark Yarnell echoed in my mind.

What Mark described dealt with paradigms, the programming differences between certain people and how that relates to the successes they have (or don’t have).  First out of the chute was Mark’s mention of Bill Gates and him earning “$1B a year” – because he had “no negative paradigm to prevent him from earning” that much money!

Up jumps the next idea (for this blog):  Most successful people don’t fail because they don’t know they’re supposed to fail.  They NEVER had the erroneous programming stuffed inside their brains!  Or better yet, they never believed in “failure” as truth!

Now I’m pretty sure I touched on this concept in a prior blog:  Successful and unsuccessful habits are learned…and like a “muscle” those habits are exercised until they become a habit, good or bad…a “belief!”

Successful people know they will succeed because they believe then can.  To do otherwise is to contradict who they are in their reality.  They turned words of encouragement, perhaps of challenge, words of grace and love into actions (habits), which in turn became “muscles” they exercised regularly, until those muscles became like unto as hard as diamonds.  Those habits became self-reinforcing beliefs, which for the subconscious mind, became fact!  These successful people – who could be you! – they know no other way to be.

Can you see this linkage now?  “Good habits are the key to all success” –Og Mandino

MK11:1  Inductive reasoning is the process of the objective mind by which we compare a number of separate instances with one another until we see the common factor that gives rise to them all.  (Emphasis mine.)  The “process” is the exercising of the muscle:  Mind!

Another linkage!

Atop all this, in a recent discussion with a friend, a very negative idea was presented to me for my opinion.  In this meme,  the idea was to take (steal under government actions) all the assets from the wealthy people and see if they could start over.  This did not lead to a conversation I wanted because I already know several very wealthy people who’ve lost everything, and because their beliefs are so different from the everyday person, that these with wealth mindsets are already familiar with “rebuilding.”  In fact, without a know case to contradict my comment, all could rebuild from scratch if necessary….

Staying on point, it’s what’s inside them, these successful, achieving people everywhere around the world…its what they have instilled and implanted deep within that guides them through both good and bad times, it’s the muscle of habit, good habits, and great habits that takes them where others only dream about.

Charles Haanel studied this.  Wallace Wattles wrote extensively on this.  Napoleon Hill wrote about this as well, interviewing the wealthiest Americans, and putting what he learned into proven practice BEFORE(!) release his new-found knowledge for public consumption! (Think and Grow Rich)


I have both general and specific goals I work towards; putting them in writing, well, I’ve certainly struggled with this concept (discipline).  Mentioned elsewhere, I’ve uncovered the root-cause “why” I struggled, but that’s behind me now.

Darned good thing too!  Remember my celebration above?  Yeah, tripling business revenues creates new opportunities for even more opportunities.

It’s now 12:45, and I just got notice of another business opportunity.  Those goals I thought were aggressive; I’m wondering if I set them TOO low!  (…Or was it old “subby” trying to keep me “down?”)

I’m going to quit now and tackle this new venture.  Yeah, I work every day, but it’s exciting.  I’ve been dead before:  I get to work.

Who am I in this world?  I am someone who touches, moves, and inspires others to achieve their personal greatness…a worthy goal!  Want to come along…?


[Truly] #ItIsLikeNothingElse


Week-10: The ‘price’ of change

Every change, whether decided, or forced upon us, requires ‘payment’ of some price.  This past week found the rule inviolate!

Adopting to new disciplines, in addition to adapting to those changes…, time becomes the biggest enemy.

Changes to work requirement has led to severe losses to what was understood to have been “available” time.  Being self-employed, no work, no eat – as the old saying goes.  Each of the four enterprises I manage requires certain inputs, certain minimums of effort…or they can’t grow.  Businesses aren’t too similar to grass, bushes, trees, etc., unless you equate growth to the fertility of the “soil” whatever you’ve planted each in to.

“Fertility” is only one component, “environment” plays an important role.  This week has been a period for re-assessment of the productiveness of that ‘environment,’ ergo it’s high-time for “change.”

As mentioned in Week-10, integrity ranks near the top measuring my personal standards I choose to uphold.  There was no “writer’s block” this week, but a profound need to focus on those items in the present circumstance needing attention.

…Next week will be far better.  I will be cause in the matter of those successes.

I can be what I will to be…