Week-9: Breaking “writer’s block…”

So glad to be back from being on the road.  While I did take all my #MKMMA training materials with me, and I did manage to keep on schedule to about 90% or better within integrity (to the training), I came face-to-face with many tough choices.  I learned much; the next trip will be far different!

Okay, for all my friends who’ve grown accustomed to my lengthy, near-to dissertation-like musings, it must have come as quite a shock not to have seen much from me last week….

Well.  Well. Well.

He’s back!

Before I dig in, this has been the single most difficult week yet for me to begin the writing.  You’re going to laugh and disagree with the “Title” when you finally reach the end, however it took me 5 days of background (subconscious) processing to reach out and finally  put my fingers to keyboard.  I’ve done this for over 30 years; nothing goes to “print” until my subconscious has processed and ordered every minute detail precisely as I think it best to appear.  Much to the frustration of every teacher and ever professor I survived study under, what works for me, works.  (MK 7:10, this one I truly live!) 😉

So…grab a glass of your favorite beverage, carefully drop into your easy chair, put on your ‘readers,’ and kick off your shoes.  I’ll either help you along to a gentle, peaceful sleep, or have you falling out of your comfy chair in laughter.


Let’s begin with a quote someone known to me and received just today:  “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the conviction that something is more important than the fear. Courage is being afraid and doing it anyway. The brave may not live long, but the cowardly do not live at all. Rise up, winner, for now you are traveling the path between who you once thought you were, and who you now know you can be! It can be scary. So, if you must, do it scared!”

Isn’t that (fear) what “subby” is battling with, his/her tool, what it’s using against us:  fear of the unknown, fear of the insubstantial or unsubstantiated, using that deeply-rooted inner emotion against us? (MK 3:14, 3:15)

After all, “fear” is supposed to be a good thing, right?  Sometimes?  Go back in time a hundred thousand-plus years and “fear” told the caveman/woman “don’t be the first one out of the cave!  STOP!  WAIT!!!  There’s something out there that considers ‘us’ their next meal!”  “Subby” learned, even forever stored that base “fear” as a good thing!

“FEAR” a as survival mechanism is what’s blocking!

“My actions are ruled by appetite, passion, prejudice, greed, love, fear, habit, and the worst of these tyrants is habit.”  –Og Mandino

After much consideration, I submit that “fear” is a driving force behind, a moderator of, and influencer to “habit.”  Without getting too philosophical, it appears “fear,” an emotion based on both real and imagined threats, can also trigger, or create “habits.”

Fear of rejection, fear of disappointment, fear of change, fear of wealth, fear of darkness, fear of obesity, et al., the list goes on and on.  Whether rational or otherwise, fear sends messages – self-preservation messages! – directly into the conscious mind in situations the subconscious mind “assumes” to be most reasonable (to our survival) based on past programming.

Fear is what makes this #MKMMAExperience training more difficult than it should be!  No?  Yes?

Have I put you to sleep already?

Does your ‘fear’ control your Choice?

Related in many ways, “The Law of Growth” has really shown up huge for me lately, really huge (MK 5:5).  So why did I state ALL of that stuff above, because the “Law of Growth” was banging head-to-head in a fierce, fiery battle the inner, Subby-controlled, Subby-dominated “fears.”

It’s really hard to fight an enemy you can’t see!

Fear had to surface … just enough to be recognized, BEFORE it could be attacked and defeated.

Recall above “…and the worst of these tyrants is habit.”(?)

“For when I do I […] zealously inspect all things which enter my body, my mind, my soul, and my heart.”  –Og Mandino

This mantra, this simple and self-directed dictum, this idea got past “Subby’s” ever-watchful guard!  I looked at the dial on my scale; I lost 6 more pounds!   What the heck!!!???  I wasn’t focused on that!

MK-9:2.  “Every action which is not in harmony with Truth, whether through ignorance or design, will result in discord, and eventual loss in proportion to its extent and character.”

Yes, “health” is a lesser part of my PPN, but nonetheless, as we learned early in the decision processes to determine our PPNs, each is related to the other, as Mark clearly said.  “Health” is a part of the inner Truth vitally important to me.  My “Subby” is showing signs it’s being reprogrammed to accept new programming which over-rides old, worn out programs which were failing me – and it did so without any conscious effort on my part!

…Clever coaches we have!!!  #MKMMAExperience #ThereIsNothingLikeIt

…Did anyone else notice the link in BPB #5 to MK 4:6?  That one almost snuck past me.  The principle is unquestioned in my mind, but finding one linkage to another…nice!

“[…] every transaction must benefit every person who is in any way connected with the transaction[…]”

Integrity! (?)

“Unless you do this, you had better not start at all, because modern psychology tells us that when we start something and to not complete it, or make a resolution and do not keep it, we are forming the habit of failure; absolute, ignominious failure.” MK 4:12

Now this idea/topic has been covered again and again…and for good reason.  There’s no shortcuts to excellence!  Olympic athletes, professional sports personalities, the best doctors and attorneys, they all know the importance of commitment and follow through!

Dear old “Subby” sure likes to yank my chain about personal integrity!

30-day Mental Diet?  Oops.  😦    …Didn’t happen!  😦

7-day Mental Diet?  “Yeah right!” he says.  “Let’s just see who wins, again!”


You see, above I mentioned 90% good during my travels.  That wasn’t for you all, that was me owning up to my lack of commitment, my lack of integrity.  Read through MK 4:12 again and see if you get it now….


“When a man’s willing and eager, God joins in!” –Aeschylus

“Therefore, what you contemplate as the law of your being becomes the law of your being.”  — Thomas Troward, The Creative Process of the Individual, 1910

“The law of flotation was not discovered by contemplating the sinking of things.”  — Thomas Troward

“If you are willing to be lived by it, you will see it everywhere, even in the most ordinary things.”  — Lao-tzu

In MK 7:2, and 7:12, did anyone else spot the subtle way in which the #MKMMAExperience (training) links back to our printed shapes?  I can recall years ago, a truck I wanted.  I wanted it so much it dominated my thoughts.  I was able to visualize it anywhere, at any time, and instantly.  Being the diligent guy I am, I spent nearly 4 months researching, comparing, pricing…before my first test drive.  When my “do it now!” deadline arrived, I was ready.  In near-perfect detail, each feature I wanted was available, as if awaiting my arrival….

Funny how this visualization thing works, eh?  “Confident Expectation?” (MK 7:18)



You see, I had asked ‘inside,’ not out.  I asked “what” not “how!” (MK 7:22)


Now before I forget…my overly active imagination is going to reach through the cosmic mist and make a prediction for this #MKMMAExperience, to what I think is soon coming.  For me this type of thinking this is a merely another simple game, one I “play” at often, and I already envisioned doing this very thing 4 weeks ago:  the thinking, the typing, the whole thing.

What I think comes next will be linking our actions, our emotions, our positive and encouraging thoughts and feelings to a more subliminal activity of building a recurring and reinforcing creation of endorphins.  To me this makes perfect sense!  (See MK 4:27)  The brain, for that matter, the entire body reacts in unbridled receptive response to endorphins.  The cells have no “defense” against the deluge of chemicals the brain releases into the rest of the body.  In fact, the body was magnificently designed to receive and respond to – if not pro-actively look for – the chemical messengers.

It’s part of our DNA! (MK 6:16)

Mark stresses again and again doing it “with emotion!”  Those “emotions” we create, they erupt with…, they trigger the creation of endorphins, chemical stimuli which reinforce the patterns of learning, and the growth we/I sought.  (I wonder how close I get to this prediction…)  🙂

MK1:3. “The attitude of Mind necessarily depends upon what we think.  Therefore, the secret of all power, all achievement and all possession depends upon our method of thinking.”

By pressing the ‘reset’ button on what and how we think, we craft (design) and create Harmony:

MK1:11.  “Harmony in the world within – the abundant release of positive endorphins – result in optimism and affluence; affluence within results in affluence without.”

Did I really write all this…?


Week-8: Returning soon

Greetings all!

I’ve been OoO this past week.  Once I decompress and distill-down all the integrations of last week’s activities to Week-8, I’ll re-post under week 9. I’m confident my finger will tire at some point, and not long after I begin….

Next update, coming soon!

Week-7: “Gravity is a Law”

I’ve heard it said, that even if you’re a “great person,” if you decide to leap off a tall building and are not properly equipped with some sort of safety gear, you will not be able to avoid the Law of Gravity.  If what you’re doing is not intentional, and not objective, you will not reap the best rewards of those intentions.

The “universe” is not forgiving, and while it may be said to be infinitely patient, it does not have time wait around for you while so many other wonderful possibilities likewise await their unique creation.

(From Og:)  “I will love all manners of men for each has qualities to be admired even though they be hidden.”  This has become a far greater challenge than I anticipated.  The challenge isn’t that I have so many negative friends [I do!] – and some downright cynical at that! – rather, that I chose to surround myself with them.  (double-facepalm!)

At first this seemed illogical, until I realized each friend is cautious, calculating, methodical, and deliberate…to extremes.  Good grief!  Me too!  …Oops!  An “opinion!”   

…But an “opinion,” not really.  You see, they are me.  Ouch!   Ugh!  Painful!   Take an honest look at yourself, and you will find you, me, we are each reflected in the faces, actions, and choices of your 5 or 6 best and closest friends.  “Show me who you run with and I’ll show you who you are, or who you’re going to be.”  (That was a real awakening the first time I heard that expression uttered!)

As much as I despise contradictions, I set myself up deep inside a contradiction of my own making!  ARGH!

You see, after some wonderful training through Landmark Education roughly 12 years ago – 4 different classes in all – one of my “missions” in life is to “touch, move, and inspire” others towards their own personal greatness.  That’s a pretty big hill to climb when I didn’t pick enough like-minded motivators and those who best inspire others into my own inner circle!

To condemn, or harshly “judge” another is to – in part or in whole – judge yourself in like manner.  After all, I / we picked these people to be in my / our lives.  My friends who are not “neat freaks?”  Me too.  My friends who have had, or do have money issues…, me too.  My friends who “over think” issues and chase details ad infinitum, me again!  My friends who love to fish, travel, etc.  Who’s driving?  🙂

Now before I even knew what would come in Week-7’s training, I somehow anticipated the visualization exercise.  For me, this particular exercise had begun at the end of Week-4.  I took it a step farther yesterday evening (11/11/2015, for specific reference) deciding to be a creator, or co-creator in the results I intended to achieve.  By guiding, or specifically directing my thoughts and actions to remember that each is a “brother” (or sister, but not in this case) to “love” as a “brother” (or sister), who I was being in those conversations (as predicted by Og), I quickly disarmed the objections and hesitations so common in past encounters.  (I even turned the event into an accountability session of sorts, for the first time sharing this unimaginable journey with my good friend.  I must admit, I truly enjoyed watching his face light up reading my Press Release and listening as I shared “cliff notes’ versions of a couple of stories from this journey….)  #MKMMAExperience #ThereIsNothingLikeIt

You know that sheepish little grin you get when you’ve just pulled off something hoped for, but not guaranteed?  Yep’er’s!  I was working overtime to keep a straight face!

Recall also, Og wrote that “Good habits are the key to ALL success.” (emphasis mine)  Success is a habit.  So is failure.  Or as Jim Rohn used to say: “Anything which is easy to do is also easy not to do.”  This quote from Og, by the way, leads off Scroll Marked II for me.  🙂

In the #MKMMA training, we are creating and co-creating new habits, new paradigms for our minds and actions to obey – a better word than “follow,” I think.  We are laying the groundwork and planting the seeds in readiness for our personal, extra-ordinary “harvest,” a new level of success …no matter what that (success) might look like or appear as to each student.

If you read it previously and might recall, I mentioned in my Press Release how the old processing had maintained a very firm grasp on my former me, unknowingly it – the old programming – prevented me reaching the goals I desired.  I found some old “processing” surfaced again, daily, all this week!

In the same way “goals without a deadline are but dreams,” desires without action are merely wishful fantasies.

You can dream of a new car, a new house, luxury Yacht (grin), a new whatever, but if you take no action, the Universe, YOUR universe will not come to your aide!  (Did anyone notice the new Header I installed?  Notice the ‘name’ applied to the side of my future “…success?”  …Are you seeing something materialize?)

Now…, back to why I titled this as I did.  You see, it’s not all ‘peaches and cream’ as my prior posts might imply.  Sure, it’s been great for my businesses this week, but this week’s #MKMMAExperience [work]…, let’s say “gravity” took over and pulled me back down.  I have so much catching up to do.  If you don’t include the Monday evening #DigitalConections training call, and as of the one hour dedicated to this writing beginning @1:05pm CST, I’m already at 43 hours job-related work time.  It’s only Thursday!  (sad face)  I own my businesses so if I don’t work I don’t get paid; no harvest before the planting….

My solution for today…?   Do you remember the book called:  “How High Can You Bounce?” by Roger Crawford?   Well…, If what goes up must come down…

…Here it comes…    :-)))

…Wait for it…    :-)))

Install a trampoline!