Week 4 (1) Perspectives Emerge

An interesting dichotomy emerged today when discussing my #MKMMAExperience – but only a small, indistinct part – with my business parter this morning.  Although his preferred blogging tool did not get named, creating blogs to, or onto a specific web site was mentioned.  In short, he was disappointed in WordPress as a business tool.

The distinction for me was that MKMMA seeks to fulfill on an aggressive, and attainable goal.  (If you’re following me and don’t know what that is, wait of the next go ’round and get in!)  This system is using WordPress to fulfill on those goals.

Now…, WordPress remains the #1 tool for blogging, and is respected world-wide.  What caught me off-guard was my friend’s opinion.  Let me clarify things:  I’ve know this guy for just over ten years, I respect his opinion immensely, and he’s usually right about things.  He’s gifted with an exceptionally high IQ (& EQ, if you know what that is as well), and aside from my sons, he’s probably the closest person I’ve ever met with an IQ approaching my own.  …Sorry, I’m not giving that # out; it’s both a blessing and a curse.

Up until now, what I have not mentioned is, he supports me fully on the/this #MKMMAjourney.  I invest deeply and whole-heartedly in personal development each year – a journey which started simply to benefit myself, but has morphed into a love for teaching and transferring what I so easily learn to others.  No joking around here, friends, I learn at light-speed!  I found out how to do it, and programmed it in there…deep in there!

This (now) brings me to my current dilemma:  I don’t use, nor acknowledge, nor live under one of the more common definitions of the word “sacrifice.”  Depending on which Dictionary you open, the meaning for “sacrifice” could be one of the following (generally):

  1. The exchange of something, or something highly valued for another [something] value considered of higher claim or worth. (commonly accepted definition)
  2. The exchange of something of value for something of lesser, or no value.

If you read my ‘bio,’ it mentioned (intentionally) that I invest much energy in philosophical studies (& debates).  As such, I prefer to accept, live by, own and honor that 2nd definition above.  Simply put:  It works, ethically, every time!  (I discussed this concept with my friend earlier today, and he acknowledged I remained ethically objective in both my reasoning and determinations/conclusions.)

If you distill, or drill deeply-down into the logic of its component parts regarding “sacrifice” (logically: “arguments”), what emerges is that the deductive reasoning behind the word “sacrifice,” bringing it into Objective context, that word “sacrifice” truly is a zero- or negative-sum exchange.  So…my dilemma remains (within my DMP assignment) how do I “sacrifice” something knowing full-well and having studied extensively on this matter that what I’m to “sacrifice” is axiomatically impossible!

For me, “sacrifice”does not exist, not in the context used formulating our DMPs!  Nope!  Not at all!  My mind has been trained, and specifically trained for continuous entropy assessment, which means, I almost automatically, pragmatically replace behaviors, or beliefs which do not properly, logically serve the “self,” me.  When I am asked when my DMP is reviewed what will I “sacrifice,” give up, or surrender, the term is as alien to me as trying to breathe oxygen on the surface of the Sun!  Instead, I make near-instantaneous value judgements as to what is better than before, and simply insert them into thought and deed.  In other words, I simply replace one thing with something better when I see that something better meets both survival, and beneficial ‘criteria’ for my being.  The useless (whatever) simply gets replaced and rarely, if ever, returns [to bother or disrupt me].

I’m setting myself up for all-kinds of interesting comments, yet amazingly enough, I’m really looking forward to some feedback on this one….


Week 3 #MKMMAExperience

It’s getting easier to honor the disciplines agreed to, and required daily.

Tried something new Tuesday evening, I recorded my DMP and Scroll-1’s reading.  I wanted to hear if the enthusiasm I imagined I was expressing could be heard.  Was it real enough to convince another?  Did I convince myself?

Revising the DMP seemed was improved (process) – for this week’s submission – by reading it aloud.  What is read and internally verbalized, sounds slightly, to marginally, to widely different when something is read aloud.  This process helped refine the tense, language, and intentionality needed.

Work in progress….

Week 2 Addendum

Ok.  Just shoot me (for being wordy).  🙂

Amidst all the illness, I still managed to expand our business’ footprint, adding three new service products to our catalogue.  What I really need is a sales person!  I’m a techno-nerd, skilled in multiple facets of IT, and leading teams nationally, and globally.

Selling?  I’ve found some great mentors and coaches: change is an inside job!  This is selling at a whole new level, and far beyond my Network Marketing business, but I’m learning at light-seed…!

This is going to be very interesting!  So much potential, so little time!

Week 2: Health Matters

As with any change, one should expect the unexpected.  Deliberate, focused, intentional change…, no less so!

The first change, behavioral, was not so difficult.  Reading is something I used to enjoy for.  NO!  Not true!  I think I built my life around it!  I recently sold and donated over 3,500 books…to make space for more books.  🙂

Reading, even the few minutes each day (as assigned) had/has a calming, soothing effect.  (I was able to slip off, away from my computer for a few minutes.  The “breaks” were more a pleasure than a burden, which means, I felt guilty for not being 100% invested in my businesses … and their very real needs.)

The second change, well this one was biological; definitely not planned or desired!  It seems just when you think you’re making some headway – or so you think – life raises its laughing, cynical posture and nails you with a sinus, and bronchial infection.  I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS [sickness]!!!

The problem with sickness, or “dis-ease” is that you are not able to play life’s game at full throttle.  Nature, or your body if you will, decides you need a whole new set of priorities.  In other words, forget about making things happen the way they used to work!

For me, sickness has a unique meaning.  4 years ago this evening (10/10/11) at approximately 10:15pm, my life was forever changed.  Long story very short I was hit by an oncoming car, the woman driving deciding at the last second to turn left in front of me.  Life has never been the same.  4q years into the process, and I’m still working to return to full strength.

From a clinical perspective: 21 ribs broken, collapsed right lung, punctured left, fracture right clavicle…only later to discover tears to my right uppermost rectus abdomimus and diaphragm.  (I caught the car’s bumper right into my upper-right chest cavity.)  Why mention this?  You see, coughing and sneezing, having to clear my nose, those activities cause extreme irritation, and for me much, much pain to the torn muscles.  (The muscular injuries weren’t deemed “life-threatening” so no surgeries were performed.  Honestly, I doubt the doctors were able to detect these injuries due to all the other trauma.  2.5 years after the accident, I fired my Primary Care Physician…lets’ just say I’m going to be nice and call it professional incompetence, and leave it right there.)

Why all this long, drawn-out dialogue?  I’m ticked!  I abhor not making deadlines, not honoring my commitments, not being true to my word.   What do you mean, you might ask.  I was supposed to have this ‘work’ done before today.  Since Tuesday evening, I’ve hardly been able to function.  Not getting my work done as promised?  Yeah…it bothers me, greatly!

On a more positive note, the physical/mental exercises are going great!  Via my many years in Martial Arts training, I can control my body to a high degree.  From Marital arts, plus 4+ years as a Certified Hatha Yoga instructor, I can quiet my mind in mere seconds, and silence the intrusive thoughts almost as quickly.

I had joined a meditation class back in March, led by my acupuncturist.  I did not, and still do not view myself as succeeding (by western standards), however, when it surfaced she needed to be away from class for 2 weeks, I was invited to teach (meditation).  Yesterday was my first opportunity to teach it, meditation, and the 3 [fellow] students able to make it to class, each said they thought I did great.

I am doing all I can to heal so I can get back to my 70-hour weeks (plus MKMMA).  🙂