Week-1: New Goal Accomplished

Created [written] goal just over 4 weeks ago with EOY deadline.  Goal completed today!

I am NOT the best [written] goals setter, hardly even decent goal setter.  In this case, I had a conversation with a coordinator for a ‘professional services’ group which owns a rather prestigious web site – and yes, you have to pay to be part of it.  After qualifying to be part fit, and deciding I wold be better off paying the Lifetime fee, I received back to me a summary of that qualifying discussion.  Within it were professional accomplishments and one of my goals to reach by the end of 2015.

It was really different for me to see it in writing, as stated above, something I am generally none-to-likely to do.  Seeing it in writing provided me a whole new, strange new context.

What was different:

  • I knew first was that I was actually giving meaning to something I expressed,
  • I now had an ‘accountability partner’ with whom I had shared these goals, and
  • an internal solidity manifested itself, a commitment that “yes!” the goals were that important, and more importantly,
  • I was not just saying something to toot my own horn.

Because of my personal integrity, and utmost desire to adhere to integrity and objective ethics in all endeavors, I had firmly rooted myself into a shared accountability.

By definition, ‘transformation’ is a change in state or being.  The corollary to that is a change in consciousness, and alteration in the patterns of thought (& thinking moving forward), and once changed is forever altered.  This event/experience was truly a transformation.



Looking forward to some great training…accepted into the MKMMA (6-month) training program.  Very excited!